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Dominate Spotify playlists without the bots.

Using our extensive and trusted curator network we are able to deliver over 50K organic streams per day for the right song.

Spotify popular playlists

It's not just about the streams. It's about what the streams can do for you.

Streams are more than just a vanity metric. High streaming numbers not only reflect your music's popularity but also establish credibility and can attract key players in the industry, amplifying your reach and opportunities.

A stream graph of a song gaining traction

Our playlist promotion service is best suited for songs that are on an upward trend and have been live for at least six weeks.

By securing placements on well curated playlists, playlist promotion can be a phenomenal way to add fuel to an existing fire.

When used correctly, the additional support can increase long-term algorithmic return. More streams = more visibility.


Spotify playlists are
the new radio.

Playlists are often used by listeners to discover new music. Being part of a playlist makes your song discoverable to users who might not have encountered it otherwise. It's a strategic way to leverage an existing audience for maximum exposure and engagement.


We help record labels and musicians maximize fan acquisition through high-intent marketing strategies


Direct Advertising

Targeted. Tested. Trusted. Get more mileage from your marketing budget.


Playlist Promotion

Dominate Spotify playlists without the bots.

Tiktok strategy

Tiktok Strategy

Power up your next release using Tiktok's potential. Made by us, for you.

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